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‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’: What Do We Know

‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’: What Do We Know

Discovery Channel’s new series, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, just aired its third episode Friday evening. The reality collection follows a father and son as they hunt for treasure on their a hundred and sixty-acre ranch. Although the focus is searching for gold, this is more than just a treasure hunt.

Who Are The Ollingers?
Duane Ollinger is the star of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. After spending over 30 years in the Texas oil industry, he decides to use his vast expertise drilling for oil to seek for treasures rumored to be in Utah’s Uinta Basin. He purchased a a hundred and sixty-acre plot of land in 2018 and brought his son, Chad, in to assist him.

Chad Ollinger is the son of Duane Ollinger. After hearing what his father was planning, Chad decides to sell his dwelling and crop-dusting business. He bought a school bus and move his wife and four children to live on the land.

Duane and Chad are digging hard for gold. With hard digging comes big equipment and Duane has invested a big sum of cash into this endeavor. With a lot equipment, Duane decided to usher in his longtime friend, Charlie.

Charlie Snider, or "Charlie Boy", spends 20 years is as sheriff’s deputy and is head of security for the ranch.

Duane additionally contacted Eric Drummond. Eric is a geologist with over 40 years of experience. He is well known in the oil trade and an professional at "finding things." Eric gives the group a scientific view of the place to look for the gold.

Digging For Gold
The primary thing Duane did after purchasing the ranch was to take satellite scans of the area. The scans showed almost miles of caves and caverns running underneath the property. The next step was to try to access the caverns. The Ollingers start drilling where they consider may very well be an access level into the cavern. They punched right into a void filled with water. Dozens of frogs had been inside the void and appeared to have been underground for an extended time. Duane describes being able to the touch the nostril of the frogs before they would hop away as if they were unaware of his presence. Duane determined right then to call it "Blind Frog Ranch."

Shortly after drilling the access hole, the area started to flood until it was underwater. The Ollinger’s would now have to find a way to remove the sediment now filling their access hole. Eric prompt testing the sediment for gold. The group pumped out the sediment and were blissful to seek out raw gold and even a Spanish gold coin. These finds have been proof that more gold have to be in the almost two miles of caverns.

Even after pumping much of the sediment out of the original access hole, the opening was still underwater. Duane decides to attempt to dig one other gap in an try to find a dry access point. He digs a 30-foot vertical gap costing $6000 only to search out that it is still flooded at the bottom.

Is it Too Harmful…or not?
Deciding it is just too harmful to permit Chad to drop into the 30 foot hole, Duane digs out the original hole. The water becomes clearer and Chad is finally able to dive into the cavern.

Chad Ollinger dives into the cavern along with camera operator, Ryan Walsh. After searching in the vast cavern, Chad locates what seems to be a large manmade box. The box is made of huge logs held together with rope. This discover offers more credit to the concept of treasure being within the caverns. Although Chad was able to make this huge discover, they nonetheless have no way to get anything out. A new access level should be found.

Eric decides to use UV dye to turn the water green. They will then search the property for areas the place the water may be coming out. Eric, Chad, and Charlie search the property where they locate a small cluster of cedar bushes 1/four of a mile Northwest of the original dig site. They discover the green water, which glows brightly when under UV light, in what seems to be a natural spring. Duane spends $5000 digging over 35 ft, however the group is unable to punch into the cavern.

Episode three ends with Charlie finding strange worms swimming at the original dig site. The worms appear translucent and glow under UV light indicating there is a whole ecosystem residing inside the cavern system.
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